Sunday, January 31, 2016

Genetically modified food pros and cons

In Joshua Duvauchelle's article "Pros & cons of GMO foods" (2014), he proposed a neutral position towards genetically modified food. Health issues and "superweeds" are the consequences from GMO's; decreased pollution and herbicide resistant plants are the benefits of GMO's.

Duvauchelle's article is beneficial to the concerned citizens of America because it informs them on the factors of GMO's, whether negative or positive. His purpose throughout the article is not to give his audience a bias position but rather just to state the facts of what GMO's are and what how they're impacting the world. The "Pros & cons of GMO foods" article is the perfect suit to my topic because it gives off context of  genetically modified food and whether it should be banned or not. Duvauchelle gives off great points for each side, for example GMO's are benefiting the problem of pollution because it's decreasing the amount of herbicides that are needed for plants. However, he also states that GMO's are creating new allergens from all the transformations the food has gone through which is impacting society. Therefore, Duvauchelle's article is a great starter when it comes to choosing a position on genetically modified food.

Duvauchelle, Joshua. "Pros & Cons of GMO Foods." LIVESTRONG.COM. LIVESTRONG.COM, 13 Jan. 2014. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>.


  1. Summary was good it clearly stated the two positions the author touches on. The analysis provided the purpose and a well of examples on the positive and negative effects of GMO's.Good job

  2. The fact that you said the article supports your topic, is good to support your argument. Although, the analysis was brief, give a little more details.

  3. The summary was good, the specific date would have been appreciated though. You interpreted the article nicely describing the authors stance and his diction. You present an example of both sides of his argument well, but you don't write proper quotes that could be used as evidence to strengthen your writing. Overall good job, just add some more quotes maybe take a stance and you'll be all set.