Monday, February 8, 2016

Negatives of Gmos

In Andrea Donsky's article "What's so bad about GMO's? Top ten reasons to avoid them" (2014), she proclaims the her unknowingly audience that they probably do not know they are eating genetically modified food because of the lack of labeling. Donsky then states all the effects that genetically modified food has on people and the environment.

Donsky's purpose of this article was to inform people about genetically modified organisms and their effects. By informing more people about this issue she can spark an ignition to start action against GMO's. One important factor she notes is about the lack of labeling food "federal regulations on labeling foods that contain GMO's, none have passed" ;and because of this food companies as well do not want to tell their customers if their food is genetically modified because of the fear of losing clientele. However, by not telling their customers, or not labeling, many impacts on human health could be rising without the person even knowing. As Donsky states "GMO's have only been in out diet since mid '90s...what the long-term health impacts truly are" she makes the point of the citizens of America being left out on any information regarding the true effects of GMO's because they haven't been around long enough to be justified. Some of the negative impacts Donsky states include "pesticides...cancer...environmental...super weeds...patent issues..." These are just some of the risks she states but there could always be more that have not been discovered yet. All these issues in some way revolve around the topic of the people or environment. Donsky chooses all these negative impacts for a reason; the reason being she wants her audience to not feel ignorant in society but "in the loop." She wants her audience to know the harms of GMO's and she does it well.

Donsky, Andrea. "What's So Bad About GMOs? Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Them." What's So Bad About GMOs? Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Them. 9 Sept. 2014. Web. 05 Feb. 2016. <>.i


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  2. Great summary because you are able to clearly state what the article is about but you do have an error in the first sentence "...the her..." You also analyzed very well because you were able to state the purpose of the article and use certain parts of it to not only show her view but also yours on GMO's and their effects on people.